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Yulu Kal’mil Bus

"The Heart of the House of the Milpa" Bus

Our mobile bus will carry many varieties of local seeds to respond to the diet needs of the people we engage with through community garden and urban farm projects. We develop and preserve native seeds in order to decolonize our diet and so that we can grow and eat traditional food. Traditional foods support health and prevent diabetes and illnesses caused by conventional crops and processing.

Our bus project supports the community in their response and adaptation to global warming and weather changes. We share information and traditional methods with people about their crops and weather patterns so families can prepare for climate change challenges and learn seed saving methods and have more control over their food sources. We will also perform soil analysis and make and distribute compost tea to work with and improve soil biology.

We will distribute seeds, compost tea, indigenous foods, herbs, plant starts, and information and education. This project is in the process of implementation. Please contact us if you are interested and would like to support this project.


Please support our project. Donate here:…/indigenouspermaculture/

Funds will go towards:

Solar Panel System
Veggie Oil Fuel System
Cooking Stove
Mac Laptop
TV Screen

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