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Water is a gift of the creator, and the source of all life. Right relationship with water has many aspects. The first is simply knowing your watershed, where your water comes from, and where it goes. Both local rainwater and drinking water brought from the Sierras enters our watershed. Many are the urban creeks in the Bay Area that go unseen by most residents, yet sustain the local ecology.

One challenge we face is the high level of pollution that goes into our watersheds, depleting water health and biodiversity. Another challenge we face is the high amount of potable water we use from our finite sources.


Create a better relationship with water in many ways:

  • Build rainwater catchment systems

  • Reuse greywater for irrigation

  • Install a composting toilet

  • Turn off faucets and hoses immediately after use

  • Save water at all times, in respect for the gifts it gives to us.

  • Use water more efficiently with better water fixtures, aerators, and drip irrigation systems

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