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Who We Are

Indigenous Permaculture revitalizes native and local communities at the grassroots level. We empower, share, and learn alongside communities facing food insecurity.

Our goal is to support communities to be self-sufficient through Indigenous science, land stewardship, traditional agriculture, community food security, sustainable development, art and integral health.  We use locally available resources and demonstrate the power of conscious choices to support Mother Earth. We share traditional farming practices and apply environmentally and culturally-appropriate technology, with the ultimate goal of community food security.

Together, we reimagine and build sustainable local food systems in an affordable way, which empowers the communities we serve.


Free Produce Tables

Mission Free Food Table


4:15pm- 5pm


20th and Mission St.
San Francisco, Ca.


3:45pm- 5pm


1223 Foothill Blvd
Oakland, Ca.

Oakland Free Food Table




1450 Gateview Ave.
San Francisco, Ca

Treasure Island Free Food Table


What We Do

With the support of volunteers, neighbors, local businesses, and other community groups, Indigenous Permaculture maintains two urban farm sites in Oakland and Treasure Island. These sites help supply our weekly free food tables and food distributions and serve as learning spaces for community members and volunteers.

We share traditional farming practices and apply environmentally and culturally-appropriate technology, with the ultimate goal of empowering those who attend workshops and volunteer days to be self-sustainable in their communities. We provide holistic support to design and implement community food security projects, inspired by Indigenous peoples' understanding of how to live in place.

We are a non-profit organization rooted in an Indigenous cosmovision that promotes community development through traditional approaches in education, art, integral health, and agriculture. We are committed to supporting the development of the diverse communities we work with, both in the United States and Central America.


Volunteer Opportunites

With the help of volunteers like you, we can maintain our community gardens, harvest produce, and redistribute food donations throughout the Bay Area.

Our community gardens are located in the San Antonio neighborhood of Oakland, and Treasure Island. We also operate a food table in the Mission.


Environmental Leadership Training Program

A bilingual Spanish training program that includes workshops, garden work days, field trips, and resources on urban agriculture and appropriate technology practices and techniques. The students learn how to work in the garden as well as about issues of food justice and food security enabling them to do project work in their own communities.

Learn How to Make an Impact


Sustainable Gardening Resources

Want to learn more about sustainable gardening practices and permaculture? Check out our Gardening Resources!

No Plastico!

One of the most important steps we can take to protect Mother Earth is to reduce plastic consumption. Check out our tips to reduce plastic use and waste.


Water and Energy Resources

Where does your water and energy come from? Check out our tips on how to be more mindful of your energy consumption.

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