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Water and Energy

Water is a gift of the creator, and the source of all life. The right relationship with water has many aspects. The first is simply knowing your watershed, where your water comes from, and where it goes. Both local rainwater and drinking water brought from the Sierras enters our watershed. There are many urban creeks in the Bay Area that go unseen by most residents, yet sustain the local ecology.

One challenge we face is the high level of pollution that goes into our watersheds, depleting water health and biodiversity. Another challenge we face is the high amount of potable water we use from our finite sources.

The original energy source for humans was Fire. Indigenous peoples have used fire for millennia. In the modern day, we have tapped many sources of energy to meet our needs and create a high quality of life. We now know that unfortunately many energies have very negative impacts in their use, creating air pollution and climate change. And the high concentration of peoples means we must be efficient and judicious in our use of energy, if there is to be enough for all.

Below are tips on how to improve your relationships with fire and water, by finding sustainable and renewable sources of energy.

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